Advanced car future

Advanced car future, Car of the future to tackle congestion and spoiling us

1. Terrafugia TF-X and Convenient
TF-X is the car of the future will not require airports to take off and land, and it will encourage all roads and highways support .TF-X to operate.

TF-X Spesifikasi
operasional teknis

Range: 500 mil (800 km)

Cruise Speed: 200 mph (320 km / h)

Mesin Fuel: bensin otomotif Unleaded

Motor Listrik Pods: 1 MW listrik

Dimensi: The TF-X akan muat di garasi mobil tunggal atau ruang parkir standar...

Takeoff and Landing: The TF-X will be able to take off and land vertically from the opening level of at least 100 feet (30 meters) in diameter.

Certification: Fly TF-X will require substantially less training time of licensing or sport pilot certificate traditional pilot. Driving TF-X will require a US driver's license standards.

Price: Prices will be consistent with the high-end luxury cars. more specific pricing information will be available as we progress in the development of TF-X program.

2.  Volkswagen Aqua Concept hovercraft by Zhang Yuhan

Female design student Zhang Yuhan has come up with the ultimate toy to bring out the inner child in everyone, well, at least every male. It's a cross between a modern car, a boat, an ultra-cool theme park ride and a spaceship: the Volkswagen Aqua Concept hovercraft.

The Volkswagen Aqua Concept hovercraft is designed to be an effective mode of transportation for Chinese commuters, capable of getting a driver and passenger through and over heavy snowfalls, lakes, rivers and just about any terrain that gets thrown at it.

 The concept was one of the finalists CDN Car Design Award in China, an event hosted by former BMW designer and automotive teacher, Chris Bangle.

It features motor-hydrogen fuel cell that expands the bottom and get the craft off the ground, while two additional motor extend out from behind the 'wheel arches' and behind the craft, and two fans propulsion forward pushing all together (all powered by a separate electric motor) ,

 "Aqua adjusted based on the subject vehicle off-road China with Volkswagen. Aqua offers insights futuristic vehicle powered by hydrogen and is driven by the impeller.

"Aqua is a function with multiple engines, main fan drive (or impeller) under romp, which is responsible for lifting the vehicle by forcing high-pressure air under the craft. Air 'skirt' under the vehicle, causing it to rise in the surface , additional engine giving impetus to propel the craft.

"Aqua interpret Volkswagen design philosophy without parting-line and short appearance, the door (hatch) to put behind Aqua. It features an electric drive train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with no pollutant emissions.

3.This is the Car of the Future, Without Engine and Transmission Without Teeth

The car of the future he successfully created, a car with no engine and no gear named Vehicle extra terrestrial or ETV by the inventor, Wang Junmin. future car only has three main components, namely the steering wheel, gas and brake.

To ensure a smooth and synchronization cars work the car will have a chip to arrange a complicated algorithm in calculation speed, vehicle motion, and all of it is based on a mathematical model.
 Junmin Wang, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Vehicle Systems and Control Laboratory at Ohio State, integrating other technology to the automotive field. He managed to find the car of the future: no engine and no transmission gear. Each rim has a battery as the motor itself, so do not need the machine.

This car also has a computer chip that regulates complex algorithms to synchronize the working wheels and make sure the car runs smoothly. These chips receive signals from the driver through the steering wheel and pedals. Then calculate the desired speed, or the movement of vehicles, based on mathematical models.

The chip is also in charge of analyzing the car data up to 100 times per second. This chip can tell each wheel exerting the required strength. "The chip can be set, where the wheels have to brake, which should be encouraged," said Wang, Monday, November 18, 2013. "The car runs on mathematical calculations, much better than a conventional car." With no engine, the weight of the car could be lighter. Half the weight of the car is generally around 800 kilograms.

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